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Unique Montessori Centre & Playschool

Curriculum Statement

Welcome to The Montessori Story. We are extremely proud of our school and aim to provide a safe respectful and nurturing environment through which the uniqueness of each individual child is enabled to thrive. We believe this is best achieved through a mindful approach to our teaching which encompasses active listening, observation, team work, reflective practice and continuous professional development. Parents are the first and primary educators of their children and for this reason we value the strengths that each individual family can bring to our service. Children thrive best when parents and teachers can work together to provide the best care and education for each child. At the core of our ethos is the belief that each child is unique and should be viewed from strength’s based perspective.

We are notified to Tusla and offer the ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) Scheme. We have been mentored by Better Start – an initiative of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) to improve the quality of care and education being delivered. We work within the guidelines of Children’s First. Our staff have attended the Equality and Diversity training provided by Meath County Childcare, with the objective of ensuring that all children and families are protected from discrimination and encouraged to express their diversity. To add to that, Norma Ryan is the Leadership for Inclusion (LINC) Officer for our school – this position is specific to promoting the inclusion of children with additional needs. By working through AIM (the Access and Inclusion model) we ensure that all children can participate fully on the ECCE Scheme, thereby reaping the benefits of quality care and education.

We adopt an open minded and diverse approach to ensuring each child’s learning style is catered for and thus they are enabled to achieve their own unique potential. Our curriculum is based on the principles and philosophies of Maria Montessori, in conjunction with Siolta, Ireland’s National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education, and Aistear, The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework. We are proud to say we implement the Healthy Ireland Smart Start programme, an holistic approach focussing on health promotion through oral health, healthy eating, safety, physical activity and social and emotional development. In order for children to have the best possible education, we believe in providing for all aspects of the child’s care with a strong focus on well-being, happiness and social and emotional development.